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Enterprise Culture

Luximex creed :
      Everybody is good, the company will be only then good; The company is good, everybody will be only then better. Company’s development depends upon each staff, the corporate growth, everybody will only then have displays the talent the space, namely the company benefit will be individual benefit, enterprise and individual development organic unification.

       The Luximex human cannot be offended endures the law: The embezzlement, the bribe, injure the good for own benefit; Diverts, invades, the burglary, to damage intentionally the public property; Revelation company secret and so on.

Taida Spirit :
Practices moral culture professional

      Strengthens own training and the quality enhancement is the question which each Luximex person must face up. Professional is one kind of work and the spirit, is a person own quality manifestation, regardless of the professional person lives in what post to be worth us respecting; Regards as company’s success is own success, regards as own glory company’s glory, is utterly loyal fulfills responsibility, does not count all individual success and failure.

Team cooperation
      The manage affairs should stand in the company overall benefit altitude, but cannot limit to the department, in individual. All take the association benefit primarily, by the company as the families, regards the colleague for brothers the sisters. The obedience is the first principle, but should cause subordinate to be sincerely convinced. The previous flow must regard as a customer the evil ways flow, is responsible comprehensively.

Respects other people
      Listens attentively to other people speech, breaks not at will. The initiative stands in opposite party angle looks at the question, accepts the opinion or the suggestion by the good point of view, makes the progress to other people to praise not parsimoniously, gives the prompt to other people’s mistake by the most tactful manner.

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